Friday, 15 January 2010

Hello Lomo!

120 medium format film

Evening shots from the river.

Messing about with layering long exposures. You don't really have much control over the outcome of the images which are produced, but for someone whose last camera was made by Fisher Price, these ones didn't come out too bad. My favourite, is the abstract palimpsest of architectural features from Hammersmith bridge. Wanna frame it and hang upon me wall one of these days.


  1. very lovely! these came out really nice. i wanna see more. keep up the posting!!!!

  2. Hey Lyd! I like shots 1 and 3, they have atmosphere about them. Those shots remind me of Robert Capa's shots of the war, like the picture is moving, has life to it. I hope your well, and I hope the next post follows soon!